A new stage of the Red Bull Air Race in Russia,

Seventh sunday after the round of 14 and 8. A last duel against the second of the day Matt Hall who didn't allow Nicolas to go to the final. "We worked a lot this week and the sensations are good. It's important and positive for the next steps because the third race coming quickly. We keep the 4th place in the championship and let's continue to fight for the final podium." 

See you in less than a month in a country that has been home to the Red Bull Air Race for years. New place with Lake Balaton in Hungary.

Second qualifying of the year,

Tenth place for Nicolas in Kazan this Saturday, the times were very tight throughout the qualifying. "We worked a lot during this week and I feel good at the controls of my plane, there are many positive things and I can't wait to be sunday for the first duel against Petr Kopfstein."


Report Red Bull Air Race,

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