Result Indianapolis,

First podium of the season for Nicolas and his team. "I was in a good weekend". After the qualifying Nicolas was against Mika Brageot in the round of 14, "Mika fly very well since the beginning of the year and he has showed with his podium in Budapest, it was a difficult first flight that I won and allows me to qualify for the next round against Juan."

Still the round of 8 and a possibility for Nicolas to find in final, The spanish pilot Juan Velarde made a mistake wich allows Nicolas to be little confident during his flight. "I knew that Juan had made a mistake, I don't took too risks during my flight and at the end the gap is very small but I had my qualifying in finale." Heading the first final of the season for The Quick Corsican. "I could have push harder in finale but I think I was too relaxed after my round of 8, I really didn't want to miss the podium. The result is more than positive with this third place, it's a huge satisfaction for all the team and i looking forward to be in Texas."

See you 17th & 18th November for the last race of the World Championship.




Qualifying Indianapolis,

Seventh qualifying of the season on the famous 500 miles race track of Indianapolis (Indianapolis Motor Speedway). A same format of qualifying that the last race in Austria with two separate runs (two take off just before the first gate). Best result for Nicolas this year with the fourth place in qualifying. "My first time it was not so good and i should push harder in the my second run. I improve my temps of 2.009 secondes and with 1.06.149 i find me fourth of the qualifying. Positive result for the race sunday.

First duel against Mika Brageot.


Report Red Bull Air Race,

Seventh race in Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the famous track of 500 miles.