Results Cannes, 

80,000 spectators during this first round in France and a 14th place for Nicolas Ivanoff.

A race I've been waiting for for 10 years where i wanted to do well. I flew well but I was too careful in the gates of the track and with my 2-second penalty I couldn't hope to beat Matthias. I hope there will be a second Red Bull Air Race in France and I will be able to fly again in front of the french public.

Qualyfing Cannes, 

Under the sun of the Croisette, this first historic qualifying was very wainting by all the pilots but also french and international fans who came to meet on the beach of cannes. Sunday round of 14 against Matthias Dolderer. "Sensations and trajectories are better than yesterday, there are still a few points to improve before to play with the best pilots tomorrow but i'm confident. The team has been working a lot since the beginning of the week and tomorrow it's gonna be an amazing race."

Report Red Bull Air Race,

All informations on the second race of the season and the first race of the history in France.