Last race of the saison on the famous indianapolis race track.
A good week of tests and good times during the flight tests for Nicolas.
The track was technical and fast with an unusual take-off. After take-off the pilots enter directly into the track.
Sunday morning the weather had changed a lot with rain and wind. Good start in the track until gate 14, then from gate 15 i make lot of mistakes until the end of the track. "Very disappointed not to finish the season on a good result".

Now we are already turned on the preparation of the new season which arrive very quickly. "We stay in the United States (Redlands, California) for several weeks with Tom (technician) to prepare the 2018 season in the best conditions with several modifications on the plane for the first round of the season ".



Seventh position on the indianapolis motor speedway track.
"Times are constants since the beginning of the week and I good feeling in the plane.
I made a mistake in gate 11 and i took two more seconds but we are ready and confident for tomorrow."
First battle of the day against Mike Goulian.


Press report of Red Bull Air Race for Indianapolis,